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Actually, we wanted to present you our new format "Offroad Monkey TV" these days. With a lot of heart and passion, we have worked in recent weeks on various videos that present you with different content around the Land Rover Defender, conversion measures and other tips and tricks on the subject of "Offroad".

Now our first video of this is our message to you regarding the Corona situation. How does it affect us, you guys and most importantly, what can we do together to make it the best it can be!!!

Watch this short video and write us how you feel!!! How are you experiencing these days, what's on your mind, what tips can you give to others.

We are firmly convinced that these times also give us a great opportunity for even better cohesion! Let's support each other and come out of this time even stronger.

We wish you all a lot of happiness, confidence and especially health in these days!

Your team of the Offroad Monkeys

Tags: Infos zur Lage, Corona
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