Opening ceremony of the new Offroad Monkeys headquarters for "Family & Friends"

What a successful weekend, what a great celebration! After almost exactly one year after moving into the new company building, we were finally able to have a small company opening party for "Family & Friends" last Saturday, 18.09.2021.

It is not easy to plan such a celebration in the current times. All the greater was the joy when it actually worked out and we could celebrate with closest friends, employees, helpers and their families. After all, a new company building like this is a pretty big deal. The building site in the Pöttmes industrial park was purchased back in 2015. The plans were made long in advance, discarded again, rescheduled, designed differently once more. Not only Fabian and his wife Nicole, who has officially taken over the family business from his father Werner Müller since 2020, had countless sleepless nights.

With the new building of the hall, some new machines were added, some old ones had to go. Some new employees have also joined, but some of them have also been with the company for so long that they still know Fabian as a 3-year-old boy. The same age as his own son Rafael is today. Müller Motorcycle AG is an absolute family business. This starts with the family constellation just mentioned. It goes on to Fabian's sister Eva-Maria, who does the marketing together with her husband. To his father-in-law Willy, who has been assembling parts with patience and meticulous precision for over 10 years. As well as the mother-in-law, who also always helps out when there is a party, a move or childcare. And of course Werner and Annemarie are always on hand when help is needed.

And because family is so important here, the employees are also like a kind of family. You can quickly see this when you walk through the new company building, where a lot of emphasis is placed on socializing even outside of working hours. For this purpose, foosball, table tennis or a dartboard are available, as well as a recreation room that will probably host many more cozy get-togethers.

The heart of the new company headquarters, however, is and remains the production hall, where all steps, from the delivery of the raw parts to their dimensionally accurate cutting, CNC machining and quality control, merge efficiently and seamlessly. Here, there is sufficient space and all conditions are created in such a way that working to the highest standards is possible. The finished parts are then transferred to the warehouse, from where the further finishing steps, assembly and delivery to customers and dealers worldwide are coordinated and organized. For many years now, it has also been possible to train apprentices here again, who - currently three of them - complete their training in production and in the office.

At the celebration on Saturday, Fabian led his guests in small groups through the new premises and proudly told them about difficulties and obstacles, but also happy incidents that had happened on the long way to get here. A candy bar invited to snack, a bouncy castle was the highlight for the little ones and for the physical well-being the senior boss Werner personally grilled a suckling pig. Bavarian music started with the "Quetschn" (for all non-Bavarians: accordion) and later Stefano Messina and his colleague Flo created a great atmosphere. The weather did the rest and so it was possible to celebrate, laugh and dance long into the night. After such a long time, a true benefit for the soul.

But who is sad now, because he missed this event, would like to look forward to next year. Because then a big, official company opening with hopefully ALL will take place. We will keep our fingers crossed every day and let you know when a date has been set!

Many thanks again to all involved, helpers, suppliers, caretakers and simply everyone who was there! You are great!

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