Steinbeisser Throphy in Langenaltheim

The feeling is indescribable! When the tires kick up the dust, the vehicle is so steep that it threatens to tip over and the drivers demonstrate all their skills, every offroad heart beats faster. Like last year, we will also be contributing the trophies this time. The coveted trophy for all those who have conquered the challenging, unruly parkour the fastest. 

In addition, we meet in person and our high-quality parts, such as door hinges, windshield frame holders, hood hinge and much more can be examined live at the Offroad Monkey Landy. Follow us on Facebook and don't miss any more news from us! 

Date for the 17th Steinbeisser Trophy is July 21 & 22, 2017 at the Offroad Park in Langenaltheim!


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