That was the "Abenteuer & Allrad 2021"

What a weekend! Long longed for and then postponed again. On Thursday, the entire trade fair day was cancelled because a storm swept through the area with a lot of bang. On Friday it finally started. What there was to experience, we report to you here!

It was a special moment. After such a long time to plan a fair again and then to actually go there, to set up and to see the many people again, whom we had only had on the phone for a long time. Then our patience was tested again. On Thursday the fair was cancelled, because the wind forces simply did not allow it. On Friday it finally started. The visitors came in large numbers and the atmosphere was as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Which it kind of is. We were very happy about every single visitor at our stand and our new "Monkey Balls Liqueur" was as popular as the new parts for Defender and G-Class.

G-Class - some of you might be wondering. Yes, because this is the brand new division of the Offroad Monkeys. We have been working on products for these vehicles for some time now and were now able to present them to you for the first time. Starting with door hinges, rear door hinges and bonnet holders, there are also windscreen wiper shafts in the range. All products solve the well-known problem of rust and corrosion or invading moisture. They are made of durable, high-quality materials and are supplied with all the parts and screws needed for the conversion.

But of course we remain faithful to the Landy and have new parts on board for it as well. As there are the new mirror arms "Monkey Flips", which can easily fold out the side mirror by 90°. A further development of our existing mirror arms, which we have designed at the suggestion and request of our customers. In addition, there are license plate lights with and without integrated rear view camera. You will find all new products in our webshop soon. If you would like to order something in advance, just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are always happy to hear from you!

A small presentation of the new (and known) parts can be seen here in the video of Kobold Landy. We even managed to leave him speechless for a moment, but see for yourself ;)

So, and because we don't want to burden you with a long text about everything else, we refer you to our friends from "Matsch und Piste". They wrote a wonderful summary, which you can find here: To the report from Matsch & Piste.

Have fun reading and best regards

Your Offroad Monkeys

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