This was the "Opening Festival" from 16.+17.2022

What we have planned, fevered, hoped and organized. There was so much to think about, so many unknown factors to consider. Will the weather be nice? Can the event "Open Air" take place. The weather forecast threw a spanner in the works, so we organized a large marquee without further ado. Thanks to the many hard-working helpers, the set-up went smoothly and the party could begin.

Friday was the official opening of the company headquarters. Customers, suppliers, friends and family came to visit the company. The whole day there were tours through the rooms, all the little details were shown, of which one is so proud. But not only the company was on display, the band "Heads Up" accompanied the whole day, there were various food trucks, children's carousel, a bouncy castle and many a sales booth.

On Saturday, the festival took place, where various Bavarian-Austrian dialect artists did the honors. Although it had become really cold, the sun came out in the afternoon and spread good mood together with "RiA". The "Queen of bavarian Rap" made the "Schwungscheibn" swing, it was a lot of fun.

After that "VEARZ" heated up the crowd properly. With a mixture of cool Viennese rap and also some quieter pieces, to which the lighters - respectively cell phone lights - were pulled out.

When "Monaco F" came on stage, it didn't take long and the heavens poured out what they had held back for so long. It poured from buckets. But this could impress the people only a little. They just kept on partying, right in front of the stage, soaking wet. That's what you call fans!

The "boarische Bou - BBOU" came at the very end. The highlight that many had been waiting for. With rather calmer tones, it was the perfect ending for a weekend that had (almost) exceeded all our expectations. The weather was not what we had expected, but the people partied and danced as if there was no tomorrow. Exactly the way it should be.

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